Popular IV drips

Although designed for hydration purposes, IV infusions can also replenish vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. Our nutrient cocktails include...


A burst of vitamins and minerals that is meant to boost your immunity and leave you feeling, well, euphoric.

The Glow

This drip is meant to make your inner beauty shine through by strengthening your nails and hair, giving your skin a glow.

The Morning After

If your good time or celebration is now leaving you with a hangover, this drip will bring you back to the land of the living and help you take on the day.

Muscle Recovery

This drip is built to give you the burst you need to get through your workout or help those muscles recover afterward.

We recommend scheduling weekly or bimonthly appointments to get vitamin infusions on a regular basis. Contact us today to consult a registered nurse in Killeen, TX.


Cancellation Policy

Cancelations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your service. Appointment will
be rescheduled at agreed upon convenience of Pristine Body and Wellness staff member and customer.
Customer can reschedule up to 3 times. After 3 rd reschedule customer will lose deposit and forfeit option
to reschedule, it will be at Pristine Body and Wellness staff's discretion.

No Show Policy

No showing to an appointment will result in loss of deposit with no refund. Customer will be required to pay a new deposit to schedule a new appointment.

Refund Policy

There will be no refund of services. Exchanges will be at Pristine Body and Wellness staff discretion.