Carolyn was excellent! I went in wanting to tone up my mid section. I scheduled a consultation where she explained in detail the services and what she recommended. I decided to go with her Pristine Package which includes 3 sessions. After my 3 sessions I am proud to say that lost 1.5 from my waist and lost 4lbs. Her place was very clean, she is so fun truly made me feel comfortable going in getting her services. If you are thinking about it, I am saying go set up your consultation and see the results come.

Melanie W

I go here all the time for my body and wellness services. Pristine Body and Wellness is very clean and Carolyn is very professional. I like how she educates her customers on the different packages that she offers and how it will benefit them. When I need my mommy tune up I go see Carolyn!

Tina Rich

I love coming to this place!!! Carolyn is so professional and really kind! When I first started, she gave me a break down of how everything works. Her place is so clean and smells so good! She also plays various music playlists to calm and relax you. She is also good to talk and listen too. I will keep coming!!

Yvonne Smith

I've been going to Carolyn for a couple of months now and every experience is better than the last. I've seen the difference in my body and so have others in my family. She is fiercely knowledgeable in this field and I absolutely trust her in helping me accomplish my goals. Her positive energy is infectious from the moment you step into her spa and she takes you on an incredible journey to a better you. I'm looking forward to all her upgrades, she is worth every penny

tcl 4369

Very professional and inviting!! Carolyn will answer any questions before and doing the service(s) and will educate you as well!! I will be returning!!


I have been coming from the beginning and I love every treatment I have received. Carolyn is kind and very professional. She cares about her clients and ensure that they have all the information they need for any service she provide. I would definitely recommend giving her a try for your wellness experience

Angela Williams-Owens

Bridget was awesome and so knowledgeable! Great experience, I'm getting a package for sure!!!

Debbie Garcia

Today I had Wood Therapy. It was really great. I'll be back for soon. Thanks Bridget you're awesome


Very friendly and professional love the service. Love how informative she is and very detailed about product etc. I felt comfortable and welcoming. Thank you

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